Eyam and The Great Plague

Rowland Torre and Emmott Sydall

Rowland and Emmott were a couple when the plague broke out in Eyam. Rowland was the son of a flour miller and lived in Stoney Middleton and Emmott was a young girl who lived in a house called Bagshaw House. Emmott's family where one of the first to be hit by the plague. Emmott's father, brother and four sisters all died within a few days of each other in September and October 1665. Rowland attempted to comfort Emmott, however she begged him to stay away and not to come visiting. Eventually, he agreed, they agreed to meet at Cucklet Delph but agreed not to touch each other. They planned to get married. Unfortunately, Emmott caught the plague and died at the end of April 1666.

Cucklet Delph